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Educator Professional Development Criteria

NEF offers funds for professional development  in three areas: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

  • Applications must include a minimum of five educators. 

  • School leaders or a team of educators must demonstrate a need for teacher training in curriculum, instruction or assessment. 

  • Schools must demonstrate financial hardship in regards to training and professional development.

  • Schools must show their commitment to the training, progress and implementation, including projected or expected changes.

  • 9-12 months following training, educators will share their results of improvement from the training with NEF.

Family School Support Criteria

Families and school leaders must work together to identify individual family

financial support

  • Schools must provide a reason for request of tuition.

  • Family must demonstrate financial hardship to school Administrators and contribute a percentage of total amount requested. 

  • Student recipients must be ranked in the “low economic” status within their country’s definition.

  • Recipient cannot receive funds for more than 6 years.

  • NEF funds are not available for post secondary educational pursuits.

  • Students must demonstrate academic success and consistent attendance to receive and maintain eligibility.

    • Students who earn failing grades in school and/or do not attend school will lose NEF funding support in subsequent years.

  • Recipients may receive funds for educational resources/materials such as but not limited to; school uniforms, school supplies.

  • Be of good character. No criminal behavior by parent/guardian or student in the previous 24 months. Exceptions will be considered for complicated parents situations.

  • Recipients (students) must articulate academic goals and plans for the future. 

  • Award winners/recipients cannot be related to any NEF board members, NEF management  or NEF volunteers.

School Facility Improvement Criteria

School leadership must submit application with support of parents

  • Demonstrate financial need for school facility project

  • Demonstrate how improvements will impact academic/learning needs for educators/students.

  • NEF requires schools to contribute to all each project request. What resources will school secure to support the project. NEF will not fund %100 of a capital project.

  • Demonstrate results and effectiveness of their project within 6 months of the completion.

  • Project must be approved by local authorities. (i.e. permits must be obtained)

  • Design of project must be submitted with application.

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